How to Maintain Your TOYOTA Hybrid In Trinidad and Tobago

Getting 650km+ on a tank of fuel is great in the comfort of a Toyota but lately we’ve been seeing a lot of owners with several issues with their vehicles, preventative maintenance can help this.

⚠️*DISCLAIMER* : These tips are our personal insights with maintaining our own hybrids with decent results.
REPEATING : The best research is own, not every mechanic, shop or google search will point you in the best directions for you and your vehicle and to your pocket ‼️ #SHPSTT

Engine oil 4 quarts : Stick to 0w20 or 0w16 (whichever is best applicable)
Oil filter : Original Toyota filter or aftermarket synthetic filters (beware of counterfeit original filters)
Change every 8-10k kms safely or what’s recommended by your mechanic.

Air filter : aftermarket/ original which ever suits your pocket ! Change when visibly dirty

Cabin air filter (ac filter): if using the AC system daily check and change every 4-6 months unless charcoal filter is used (lasts 12 months upwards)

Spark plugs: Super long life plugs are factory installed to your vehicle and has a life of 150,000 kms (2015-2020 models), older models are pre installed with 80,000-100,000km rated plugs.
Let your mechanic check and advise accordingly! (Again counterfeit spark plugs are currently flooded in the market be careful where you purchase your plugs)

Note your mileage is likely to be rolled back and not showing the original true figure
A search report can be done to check your true mileage and accident history report (call or message for more info)

Transmission fluid : 4 quarts or one gallon ATF “WS” (world standard) – Can’t go wrong with Original Toyota fluid but there are great replacement brands also. Change every 50,000 km or as recommended by your mechanic

Injector cleaning, throttle body, EGR and intake system clean as recommended by your mechanic. Changing injector seals may be recommended
(Usually we get these done once per year or every 40,000 km)

Brake fluid : Flushing is recommended by your mechanic depending on the state of your fluid

Radiator and inverter coolant : Flush and refill after 100,000 km. Use only TOYOTA long life pink coolant or equivalent substitutes. Always ensure both reservoirs are full.

Suspension/tires : random noise under your vehicle frequently or a change in your handling of the vehicle indicates worn suspension parts or bad tires. Getting a suspension check done is first in line to rectify your problem! If your mechanic says you need a new part. Example: a cradle bushing replacement. Ask brand name or origin of the bushing your mechanic is using.
A new part isn’t always a quality long lasting part. Also dodging those potholes and driving lightly over rough roads will provide a longevity of your suspension etc.

Engine washing, steaming, wiping down. A clean engine bay is a cool engine bay Recommended at least once or twice a year. Excessive dust and debris causes extra heat over time that your mechanical system don’t need. Less heat = more efficiency!

Cleaning of hybrid battery fan : check every oil change or 3-4 months to ensure no clogging as it’s a life line of your hybrid battery by expelling unwanted heat from the area

Hybrid battery servicing
Bus bar cleaning (terminals connecting each battery cell in your hybrid battery together) Recommendation: if you never had a service done, it’s likely your bus bar is filled of corrosion (oxidation) from Japan.
Oxidation on any electrical system will compromise performance

Hybrid battery reconditioning : recommended when a hybrid life expectancy test is done showing lower than 75%. This is a deep cycle service of the battery that extends your battery life a bit more, rotation and balancing of modules may be done as well.

Thank you for reading and keep those hybrids healthy! Note we do not partake in the selling of counterfeit “original” parts. We at SHPS provides only the best quality parts at prices that won’t damage the pocket.